Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pain in the back

Today was a tough day for some reason. Partly because it seems the day after I get a back adjustment, I seem to be really sore. That totally happened today; I felt like my leg was going to fall off again, and I also experienced some body aches that made me finally pop some ibuprofen. Chinny came over to help with DT, and she graciously came with us to Target and Costco so I could get errands done. We also got the Real Trains for Kids 2 DVD and Train board boook that I ordered on I felt pretty miserable on the way home from everything, and was lucky that Audrey slept just a little longer in her car seat when we came home. I was lying on the floor with a blanket getting some rest; unfortunately I didn't fall alseep. But after Audrey woke up I fed her and she was pretty much awake. Audrey has been a joy to play with lately. Very expressive, but also very sensitive to her surroundings. Ronin is starting to say "Car" and gets very excited to see cars, trucks and trains wherever he goes. So cute! I'm looking forward to watching LOST tonight, just relaxing in front of my fave show right now. I've also got to catch up on the Oprah Winfrey episode on being frugal, as well as last Monday's Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Oh yeah, before I forget, just wanted to dash down what I think is Audrey's daily schedule as of right now:

8-8:30a Wake up, diaper change
8:30-9a Feeding
9:30-10:30/11a Play time
11a Nap
11:45a-12p Feeding
12:30p-2p Play time
2p-4p Nap
5p Feeding
5:30-8p Play time
8:15p Faux bath time
8:30p+ Ni-night time

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