Saturday, March 7, 2009


Audrey was not coolio at the in-laws' house today. She started out fine, but after a short while she was very upset being held by my mother-in-law and then she became inconsolable. I had to take her into the basement and calm her in the darkened room. She is still skittish about being in different environments, obviously, or being around different people, because she was just screaming bloody murder tonight. I could see the look on my in-law's faces and I felt bad that Audrey wasn't behaving around them. I don't get it, though, because Audrey goes with us to the clinic and is fine there, and even sat in the bjorn in the outdoors where there were lots of kids around us and it was so windy yesterday. She didn't raise a fit about that. I don't understand.

Ronin is definitely a little personality of a man toddling around. But the problem nowadays is that he is resisting his afternoon naps. I started instituting it on Monday, and I'd say that he has cried during the first half of the naptime for most of the week. Today was one of the worst because he cried for 45 minutes, took a ten-minute nap, and then proceeded to cry some more until I got him at the end of his scheduled naptime. I aim to put Ronin in the crib between 2-2:15p, and he often shows signs that he is tired and could use a nap. But the minute I start laying him down into his crib, he rolls over and starts to wail. This is unlike the evening bedtime routine when, after rocking him, I lay him down and wind up the mobile and he just lays there OR falls asleep right away. He is resisting these naps because I'm sure he wants to keep on playing and not miss a minute of excitment. But I am being pretty firm on this. I'm not even going back in to check on him like Brianna is, or giving him a supplemental ricey milk to calm him. Forget it. It's cold turkey for us, buddy.

I don't know if Audrey is ready to cry it out to sleep just yet. Part of me doesn't want to do it like that until she is in her own room or in the crib, but today I kind of had to do it because Cyndi was here and she said that Audrey seemed tired so it shouldn't take her long to go to sleep. I could hear Audrey's screaming down the hallway, but I didn't go to her and she eventually did fall asleep. But the nap was only for 30 minutes. Her later afternoon nap was 1.5 hours, which was fine with me. It gave me a chance to put Ronin to his crib. Notice I didn't say put him to sleep, since he didn't sleep anyway.

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