Friday, March 26, 2010

Running now

I've started running this week. Monday, to be exact. After the kids went down around 8:30, I'd straighten some things up and then be on the treadmill by 9:00. I'd briskly walk for 4 minutes and then crank up the running solid for 26 minutes. I ran four days this week, but won't be able to tomorrow since we're going to the in-laws for dinner and will most likely come home late. Maybe Saturday will be a break as well, but then I'll start up again by Sunday. On day two, I got a stitch in my right side, under the ribcage, probably the diaphragm. I didn't stop running, just gritted my teeth through the pain. Atz told me I should have stopped and stretched it out to avoid further injury, but of course I didn't do that at the time. I didn't want to stop running and ruin the rhythm. Unfortunately the pain has continued all week, so maybe I bruised something or pulled a little something. Oh well, can't stop unless it's something puncturing my lung, right? I've lost no weight this week, and didn't expect to.

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